Jedat brings out integrated circuit design tool “C3” (Circuit-Cube)

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Jedat brings out integrated circuit design tool “C3” (Circuit-Cube)


Chuo-ku, Tokyo, October 20, 2009 – Jedat, Inc. brings out an integrated circuit design tool: C3 (Circuit-Cube).

C3 is the next generation circuit design tool which seamlessly integrates front-end design environment: schematic entry, simulation control and waveform display & analysis. As a result, it greatly improves design efficiency, and makes it possible to accumulate and reuse the schematic data and design know-how.

Since the designer does circuit design and simulation analysis based on each individual scenario (design procedure) so far, schematics, circuit constraint information and verification scenarios have not been accumulated as common know-how. Therefore, circuit design is depending heavily on an individual skill.

By making database of these know-how as design properties, C3 increases the design efficiency and enables easily sharing the design know-how, and reuse the design properties. Consequently, the circuit design quality is surely improved and the circuit design and verification cycle can be greatly shortened.

Furthermore, because C3 automatically generates the layout constraint from circuit constraint information, it becomes possible to achieve the high quality layout design as well as prevention of re-design from layout process, and shorten the overall TAT and improve the design quality from circuit design to layout design.

C3 has the following features.

  • Achieves seamless design and verification work by integrating schematic entry, simulation control and waveform analysis.
  • Design knowhow is made to the database and recycled.
    • Circuit information
    • Circuit constraint
    • Verification scenario
  • Layout constraint is generated automatically from circuit constraint.
    • Consistent design environment from circuit through layout
    • Reduce respin of layout design ◦Improve layout quality
    • Generate and verify constraints of EM/IRDrop etc.
  • Efficient simulation control and result analysis
    • Operation point information is fed back to the schematic, and the saturation condition is confirmed visually.
    • Easy to control simulation execution such as analysis type and corner setting, etc.
    • Easy definition and automatic measurement of waveform measurement condition by exclusive function GUI
    • Confirmation of a measurement result and easy detection of critical corner by display list of simulation result
    • Easy to make documents like simulation result and the result list of measurement, etc.
  • Fast display, measurement and analysis of large-scale waveform data

C3 execution screenC3 img1

Target specification setting scenarioC3 img2

Easy detection of critical corner C3 img3

P result verification and display on Asca C3 img4

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