Layout design

The custom layout design platform that realizes both high quality and shortening design time by reusing the craftsmanship and automating layout design that coordinates designers and automatic tools.


  • Uses a variety of design techniques, to achieve a degree of freedom and  scalable design environment.
  • Support large scale data (Stream 100 GB scale, 10 million net scale)
  • Cooperates with polygon editing and net driven editing
    – Enable rule-driven editing with automatic electrical potential recognition  and net tracking funct
  • Template based constraint driven layout
    – Improve design quality using templates such as Pair group layout   
  • generation
  • Shorten the design period with a variety of optional tools specialized for a  design target
  • Analysis and learning function
    – Follow the work procedure of the designer with craftsmanship, shorten        the design period with the optimum procedure

Layout Design System

SX-Meister Ismo-Advanced

Realizes a highly flexible and scalable design environment with a wide variety of design methods
Support for large scale data (Stream 100 Gbyte scale, 10 million net scale or more)
Shorten TAT by using a wide range of optional tools specialized for the design target

Integration of polygon editing and net-driven editing

  • Automatic potential recognition of polygon shapes and net tracking enablerule driven editing.
  • Push Aside function for wiring and automatic loop elimination function
  • Automatic net construction function when wiring is input

Constraint-driven editing

  • Layout editing function that preserves circuit constraints

High operability

  • Multi-language menu (Japanese mode, English mode)
  • Windows-like operability

Automatic Power Device Layout Generator

SX-Meister PowerGenerator

Automatic chip layout generation for power devices (IGBT/RC-IGBT/SiC).
Reduces design man-hours by automatically generating power device layouts from simple floorplan information without requiring complex rules and settings.

  • Automatic generation of layout (placement and wiring) from design specifications and templates described by CSV.
  • Calculate device size from chip size and template, and place main cells in array.
  • Automatic cell placement on chip periphery area.
  • Automatic cell placement dedicated to the main cell boundary.
  • Supports modification and reallocation of main cell placement area after layout generation.