User Development Environment

User Programming Development Environment

Development Tool Kit

C++ ompliant interpreter-style programming environment with a powerful development environment

High-speed execution processing and ease of programming

  • Direct access to SX-Meister database-Supports user programming such as development of original commands, generation of arbitrary shapes, menu customization, interface development, etc.
  • Provides abundant operators and standard functions
    -Editor operation function (creation of custom command)
    -GUI operation function (user menu, icon creation)
    – Database operation function (database access, deviceDefinition, menu operation, etc.)
  • Providing a powerful development environment
    -Supports debug commands

Definition of parameterized cell (ParaO) by GUI

  • Generic and user-specific parametric device generation
  • Graphically define parameters such as placement position, repeat, expansion and contraction, etc.
  • Automatic device generation based on circuit parameters
  • Debugging the generated results