Support & Services

Enhanced services taking advantage of accumulated design and operational know-how

● Provider of enhanced individual service

With offerings such as Custom Software Development Service adjustable to the special specification for each customer,  Design Environment Creation Service, PDK (Process Design Kit) Development and Entrusted Development of SPICE Models, Jedat makes it possible for TAT reduction and quality improvement. Furthermore, Jedat offers consulting services at an even higher level, re-constructing the customers design methodology, such as providing new design environment proposals, and/or operational support after introduction and replacement of the updated design environment.

●Co-existence (transfer from customers existing design environment)

Jedat creates ʻco-existingʼ environments with different design tools depending upon various alliances with EDA vendors. While discussing the best design resource allocation with customers, Jedat helps them to develop a new design environment. Also, Jedat focuses on effective use of design properties, offers the methods which promote the inherent and reuse of all properties such as schematic, layout data and libraries.

● Customer support

Jedat responds to customers’ inquiries scrupulously and quickly at its customer support center. Jedat assigns a responsible person for each account, and the staff who is well informed of customers’ operational environment provides appropriate technical support.

●Training and seminars

Jedat offers various training courses depending on the level of students who take the course, starting with new employees’ / junior engineers’ education. Besides the standard course, it is also possible for Jedat. with customer’s direction, to set up a special curriculum that meets the needs of the students who take the course. Moreover, Jedat regularly holds seminars at customer sites, such as when a new product is being announced/introduced.