Descriptions of business

  1. Research and development of EDA software for circuit & layout design for LSI and FPD
  2. Sales of EDA software for circuit & layout design such as for LSI and FPD
  3. Distribution of EDA software (developed by other companies) for circuit & layout design for LSI and FPD
  4. Customer support service related to operation of the above EDA software
  5. Training service of the above EDA software
  6. Entrusted development service of custom software
  7. Entrusted development service of LSI
  8. Entrusted development service of PDK for specific process
  9. Design environment building and improvement support service
    (design TAT reduction and design quality improvement)

The Importance of EDA

EDA – Electronic Design Automation – is a broader concept of electronics CAD / CAM software and is essential for designing and manufacturing electronic systems and electronic components.

Examples of these systems and components are the personal computer (PC), digital camera, DVD and Blu-ray player, digital TV, cell phone, GPS and other mobile products. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these products are primarily made up of electronic components such as LSIs and LCD panels. The design of the electronic components utilized in a hybrid car is also a new market for EDA tool usage. Competitiveness of electronics systems is heavily dependent on the ability of individual electronic components. These components are continuously required to meet the market requirements of increased functionality, higher performance, low-power consumption and lower costs. EDA tools allow designers to design of these components, and are key resources for designers.

Competitive Edge of Jedat

In the area of custom electronics design, the true source of the competitiveness of Japanese electronics and electrical products, the demand for performance, quality and cost is particularly strong. There is a difficult trade-off of automating design tools for efficiency, and providing the flexibility that a custom chip designer requires.

Jedat provides automation of layout design in its flow from the very early design stage. As a result, the customers have succeeded in reducing their design schedules by 1/3 – 1/5 in comparison with conventional design techniques.

Moreover,we have developed a mechanism to accumulate the know-how of experienced designers as design constraint information and to ensure that these design constraints are reflected in the layout.

 the designer with craftsmanship

The quality circuit design produced by Jedat’s tools ultimately saves simulation cycles and lowers the time needed to analyze results. By checking the effectiveness of the design constraint information during the circuit design stage, enabling designers to improve design quality, increase circuit design efficiency, and reduce design period to perform proper layout design.

Worldwide Business

Jedat aspires to becoming an EDA company having a sense of presence in the world.

In each Jedat development center, quality international employees develop products with an eye on the world market. Jedat aligns itself with excellent EDA tool providers from around the world, incorporating their technologies and complementary products into Jedat’s product line, providing for a complete solution.

Overseas sales are supported through a network of distribution partners that Jedat has established relationships with overtime. Distribution partners are located in Seoul (Korea), Shanghai (China), and the U.S. West Coast. These partners provide the same generous customer support as Jedat offers in Japan.