Panel Layout Verification

Total support for FPD layout verification from pixel cell characteristic analysis to top panel DRC/ERC/LVS/LPE verification

  • Full panel high-speed DRC/ERC/LVL verification by hierarchical processing
  • High-speed, high-accuracy verification for the entire array

Interactive DRC/LVS Tool

SX-Meister iDRC / iLVS

Reduce sign-off verification time

  • Debug environment that allows easy layout modification
  • Real-time DRC linked with layout input/editing
  • High-precision DRC compatible with any-angle figures
  • Acceleration of array verification by hierarchical processing
  • LVS that supports special LCD device recognition
  • Design rules can be easily created and edited using the GUI
  • Rule import of third-party verification tool

LVL Tool for FPD

SX-Meister FineLVL

Supports comparative verification of layout patterns

  • Pattern comparison of a specific layer
  • Pattern comparison between hierarchical cells
  • Hierarchical consistency comparison
  • Simple rule definition
  • Supports flat processing of layers

ERC Tool for FPD

SX-Meister FineERC

Supports wiring open and short check

  • Equipotential tracking and verification of polygon figures
  • High-speed verification of pixel array by hierarchical processing
  • Short path search
  • Simple rule definition