Jedat announces “HOTSCOPE V7.5” the world’s fastest display and analysis browser for large scale LSI

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Jedat announces “HOTSCOPE V7.5”
the world’s fastest display and analysis browser
for large scale LSI


Chuo-ku, Tokyo, November 16, 2009 – Jedat, Inc. released the latest version of HOTSCOPE v7.5, the super-fast display and analysis browser of LSI layout data.
HOTSCOPE is the tool that indicates super large-scale LSI data which exceeds 100 gigabytes at high speed, and variously analyzes the data such as verification of the design data and specification of defective spots, etc. With miniaturization and complication of manufacturing process, the processing scale has traced the course of increase. HOTSCOPE has become the indispensable tool in all process from design to manufacturing of LSI.

HOTSCOPE v7.5 which has been released this time, the analysis features are mainly strengthened substantially. The main features are as follows:

1. Automatically generates the schematic from the layout data

(1) Equipotential line tracking capability on the layout pattern.
(2) Automatically recognizes cells & transistors, and generates the netlist.
(3) Automatically generates the schematic from the netlist.

With this features, it has been able to specify the defective spots of the layout compared with the circuit data. By relating between the circuit, layout and EB data that could not be ensured their consistency so far, the search efficiency such as narrowing down the failure cause has risen rapidly.

2. Efficiency improvement of the work in team between remote locations With remote display function, because group of worker on LAN can share the same display screen, while looking at the same screen, it has become possible even with when design locations are remotely-situated to assure the improvement of efficiency of team job.

3. GDS conversion from profile line of SEM (scanning electron microscope) image With this function, it extracts the wafer pattern shape, compares and collates with the design data, and calculates the areas. It is possible to devise the appropriate measures which is directed to mass production such as specification of the problem spot which originates in manufacturing and decision of manufacturing parameters, etc.

4. Link to the CMP simulator Depending upon the connection with the CMP simulator, it has become possible to work the integrated sets of operations such as result indication of the CMP simulator (CMP-Designer) and indication analysis of cross section profile. With this, it becomes more efficient to analyze the thickness distribution by the CMP polishing in high accuracy, and can perform optimization of the CMP process and the design rule.

By the above-mentioned new features, it can achieve a great efficiency improvement of verification process at each stage of work flow: layout design, mask design, manufacturing inspection and defective analysis, etc. We will meet the needs of reducing the semiconductor product life cycle and quality improvement that should rises more and more in the future.

Equipotential line trackingHOTSCOPE img1

Cell recognitionHOTSCOPE img2

GDS conversion from profile line of imageHOTSCOPE img3

CMP-Designer connectionHOTSCOPE img4


The world best performance high speed display and analysis browser which is directed to the large-scale LSI layout data. In recent years, the design data scale is tracking the course of increase depending upon high function, high integration and miniaturization. In addition, as for final data, it is not unusual to reach tera-bite class by OPC processing and inserting of dummy patterns.

Because of this reason, it has become important problems to treat the data in the process of display, confirmation and verification job of LSI. To solve these problems, HOTSCOPE has been greatly made the mask verification process of state-of-the-art LSI more efficient by high-speed displaying of the data with various device formats including GDSII format and other photolithography machine format, and having an abundant variety of verification function. We have already abundant adoption results in a lot of domestic and foreign semiconductor and mask companies.


  • Super-large-scale data that exceeds 100G byte will be opened in a very short time, and display at high speed
  • Provide integrated analysis of LSI data by enhancing various analysis features
  • Support multi format (GDS2, MEBES, HL, VSB8/11/12, JEOL, MIC, OASIS, MALY, P10, LEF/DEF, Calibre/Error Log)
  • Support multi platform
  • Advanced analysis features (Various measurement functions, Image processing, Image calculation function, equipotential line tracking capability, schematic display, etc.)
  • API that facilitates interface development with various software and devices
  • High-level script language AXEL that enables GUI customization

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