Layout Parameter Extraction and Analysis Tool

Total support for a wide range of characteristic analysis from pixel cells to the entire panel

  • High-accuracy parasitic resistance and capacitance extraction using 2D and 3D solvers
    High-speed, high-accuracy parasitic extraction for pixel cell layout from top-level panel wiring
  • Provides analysis solutions for each FPD specific field such as voltage drop analysis

Resistance Extraction Tool for FPD

SX-Meister FineAcres

High-speed and high-accuracy extraction of resistance values from figures of all shapes

  • High-speed calculation of wiring resistance value by FEM
    Supports complex shapes including any-angle figures, arcs, and slits
  • Electrode resistance distribution measurement by multipoint continuous measurement

Capacitance Extraction Tool for FPD

SX-Meister FineQap

Full-panel scale high-accuracy, high-speed wiring capacitance extraction

  • BEM 3D capacitance extraction engine
  • Parasitic extraction of wiring for large-scale and high-aspect ratio panels
    Extracted model generation from layout data and wiring section parameters
    Supports any angle wiring and multi-layer wiring
    Supports non-flattening process
    Supports floating metal
  • Check process structure and extraction results by 3D viewer

Resistance and Capacitance Extraction Tool for FPD

SX-Meister FineResQ

Extraction of wiring resistance and capacitance with high accuracy and high speed on a panel scale

  • Optimal algorithm that enables high-accuracy and high-speed extraction of resistance and capacitance
  • Parasitic extraction of large-scale and high-aspect ratio panel wiring
  • Outputs wiring parasitic information to support circuit analysis
  • Applicable to characteristic analysis of various touch panels

Voltage Drop and Current Density Analysis Tool for OLED Panels and Lighting Design

SX-Meister FineVolt

Voltage Drop and Current Density Analysis Tool for OLED Panels and Lighting Design

  • Calculates and displays the voltage drop and current density distribution of the wiring inside the panel
  • Calculates the current for each pixel in consideration of the voltage drop, and displays the current density of each pixel
  • Automatic recognition of wiring and devices
  • Device model
    Spice model (aSi / LTPS TFT)
    Impoert I-V characteristics (TFT/organic EL layer)