Jedat launches the world’s first 3D capacitance extraction tool for flat-panel display

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Jedat launches the world’s first 3D capacitance extraction tool for flat-panel display


Chuo-ku, Tokyo, October 9, 2009 – Jedat, Inc. launches the 3D wiring capacitance extraction tool for flat panel display: FineQap.

So far, the optimal wiring characteristic of flat-panel display can be secured enough if only the wiring resistance is paid attention, but it becomes impossible to disregard the influence of the wiring capacity due to the trends of large scale and high speed motion of flat-panel displays.

However, there were practical problems in existing capacitance extraction tool.

  • a). Can not obtain necessary and sufficient accuracy from flat-panel display
  • b). Can not extract the capacity of long wiring with several centimeters or more.

By using FineQap, it has become possible to extract 3D wiring capacitance of flat-panel display for the first time which is becoming large scale and high speed, and secure an enough display quality without making them for trial purposes.

FineQap has achieved the extraction of a high accuracy wiring capacitance for the feature of flat-panel display as the following that had not been able to be done by an existing tool.

  • Long wiring with minute width and minute height
  • Wirings other than orthogonalization system (diagonal wiring)
  • Non-planarization process
  • Model without grand substrate

FineQap runs on Alpha-SX FineCreator (Jedat’s design environment for flat-panel display), and extracts wiring capacitance at high speed by specifying the parameter of cross section structure.

Image chart of 3D wiring capacitance extraction modelimg1

3D wiring and grid chart of target for calculationimg2

Extraction result: Capacity density is displayed on the surface of wiringimg3

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