Jedat Announces MatChart Download site for Wave form analysis of MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R) system.

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Jedat Announces MatChart Download site for Wave form analysis of MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R) system.


Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Dec 20, 2014-Jedat Inc. (Jasdaq: 3841), announced to open “MatChart” trial download site, today.

Download site: Click here
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Jedat is a leading developer of high-performance analog and mixed-signal design automation software for integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers, gets into Model Base Design market by providing equivalent analysis solutions between Model Base Design and real electric design for electric system like automotive industry.
As a first step get into Model Based Design Market, Jedat offers MatChart.

MatChart provides wave form analysis capabilities for wave form data generated by MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R) by MathWorks (Natick, Massachusetts 01760 USA).

MatChart allows user to verify equivalency between Model Base Design and real design which is an issue of Model Base Design. By importing MAT file data, user can compare wave forms generated by Model Base Design and real design, like SPICE simulation result, and user checks equivalency of the two designs.

For example, by referencing a design specification or parameters which is designed by Model Base and bring into actual analog circuit design environment and gives automatic validations.

In near future, Jedat offers other tools in Model Base Design Market targeting system design and electric circuit design by providing co-design solutions.

Features of MatChart:

  • Wave form viewer and analysis functionalities replaceable “Scope” element of MATLAB/Simulink.
  • Many measurement functions to show X-axis / Y-axis value and periodical information on the screen by easy mouse operation.
  • Without putting other component or writing a program in MATLAB/Simulink, by just reading wave form data, user can change wave form style which gives easy analysis of wave form. For example, changing to frequency axis chart by FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) analysis, histogram chart or X/Y chart can be done by one command.
  • Wave form comparison and wave form operation are possible for analysis. For example comparing wave form in Model Base Design and SPICE simulation result from real design.

These features allows user to do easy equivalency verification when bringing existing design resources into Model Base Design methodology or vice versa.

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