Notice of Alpha-SX Ver. 3.3.0 release

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Notice of Alpha-SX Ver. 3.3.0 release


Alpha-SX Ver. 3.3.0 has been released. This release includes the following enhancements, the primary purpose of which is to improve performance and support large-scale data:

  • Ismo
    • Improved performance of cross probe between Asca and Ismo
    • Enhanced net-driven function
    • Enhanced placement and editing function of standard cell in rows
    • ParaO, handling of more complex process constraints by supporting VIA
    • Placement function of the bitmap data on layout
    • Template-based bus wiring function (Pathmo)
  • Asca
    • Net information comparison function
    • Integrated GUI for Verilog input and output
    • Parameter passing function
    • Invoking function of third party waveform viewers
  • Hbuilder (hierarchy building tool)
    • Inherited constraints (cluster, pair constraint…) in hierarchy editing
    • Preview function (automatic generation of hierarchical structured circuit)
    • Enhanced passing parameter function
    • Enhanced cross probe function
    • Structure checking function for converted net list
    • Loading function from the existing layout
  • Physical verification (iDRC, iLVS)
    • Enhanced rule analysis function
    • Improved rule conversion performance of third party tools
  • AnalogCreator
    • Area estimating function of the entire hierarchy (Bricks) released
    • Layout synthesis (Laplace), handling of multi- transistor patterns
    • Device automatic placement (Amper), interactive automatic placement function
    • Floor plan constraint (CVM), input and output function of excel format
  • FineCreator
    • LCD simulator (ExpertLCD) interface (SimfaceLC) released
    • Automatic generation tool of IC-FPC routing (FineFPC) released
    • Automatic generation tool of exposure recipe for FPD (FineGlass) released
    • FineAcres, logical calculation function and property setting function
    • FincERC, data processing function of hierarchical array layout data

Contact point for technical inquiries:

Alpha-SX e-mail: Email : Click here
Hotline (direct):+81-3-5847-0318 / +81-50-5555-5604 (IP telephone)

Sales inquiries:

Tokyo sales: +81-3-5847-0313 / +81-50-5555-5603 (IP telephone)
Osaka sales: +81-6-6150-0930

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