Virtual Display Week 2021

Jedat Inc.


Virtual Display Week 2021


Jedat exhibits at Virtual Display Week 2021, to be held online at May 17 to 21, 2021. Display Week is the largest-scale exhibition of display information technology in the world.

Exhibition name Virtual Display Week 2021
Exhibition Date Monday May 17 – Friday May 21, 2021
It is held online during the exhibition. (Pacific Standard Time)
Exhibits Automatic placement and routing & verification software for FPD design– Automatic Placement & Routing
Automatic placement & routing function and BM placement function for various panel shapes such as AR, VR, Mixed Reality, IoT, Smartphone, Automotive, etc.
– Resistance/Capacitance Extraction Voltage Drop/Current Density Analysis
Panel-scale wire resistance/capacitance extraction, characteristic analysis of capacitance for touch panels, and voltage drop/current density analysis and verification.

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