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Custom Development Environment

User Programming Environment


Development Tool Kit

Powerful C++ conformable interpreter type programming environment which for software development

Easy to customize, High-speed execution of code

  • Direct access to Alpha-SX database
  • Supports user programming such as proprietary command development, arbitrary shapes of patterns, menu customization and interface development
  • Provides variety of operator, standard function
    • - Editor operation function
      • (custom command development)
    • - GUI operation function
      • (user menu, icon development)
    • - Database operation function
      • (database access, device definition and menu operation, etc.)
  • Offering powerful environment for software development
    • - Supports debugging command
Development Tool Kit img

Parameterized cell (ParaO) definition by GUI

  • Generates general purpose and custom parametric device
  • Defines parameters graphically such as placement position, stretch and repeat, etc.
  • Automatically device generates devices based on circuit parameter
  • Debug generated results
ParaO img