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Circuit Design

Analog / Custom LSI circuit design platform

Inherit the Takumi skill with the scenario function to achieve both high quality and reduction of the design cycle


  • PDK mapping, Automatic schematic generation
    • - Switch PDKs between old and new with different geometric symbols and pin names
  • Spec editor
    • - Easily validate the correctness of the method of measurement by defining the measurement equations graphically.
  • Scenario
    • - Reuse the Takumi skill based on accumulated design techniques through the database, stored in several forms such as DUT, test bench, measurement, simulation procedure, and wave-form analysis
  • Parameters Optimized automatically
    • - Migrate circuits by automatic optimization of device characteristics and circuit parameters based on the proprietary technology
  • XML Style sheet
    • - List of simulation results of multiple conditions and documentation output, which are easily customizable
  • General Spice simulator
    • - Open Interface with Nanospice and general Spice simulators (Spice3 format)

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Integrated Circuit Design Tool



Circuit design platform that integrates the essential functions in circuit design

  • Seamless circuit design platform integrated with circuit entry, simulation execution control, and waveform analysis
  • Smart GUI allows intuitive schematic entry (Windows-line)
  • Integrated simulation environment that strongly supports circuit analysis and verification
    • - Feedback operating point information to the schematic to visually confirm the operating state of the device
    • - Easy simulation execution control such as analysis type and corner settings
    • - Execute simulation such as multi test bench, multi corner, parametric analysis
    • - Spec-driven verification that generates a report by judging pass / fail against the target specification
  • Supports various simulation environments
    • - Incorporate any simulator into Asca environment
    • - Interactive / batch mode by server / client method. Parallel / distributed simulation control
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  • Direct input / output with Open Access
    • - Supports iPDK (Interoperable Process Design Kit)

Signal Navigation & Automatic Schematic Generation



Efficient debugging of critical signal and circuit property generation from layout

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  • High-speed critical signal trace and automatic schematic generation
  • Automatically generates schematics from various netlists and layout data in high speed
    • - Supported netlist
      Spice, Verilog-HDL, EDIF
    • - Support layout data
  • Generates schematics emphasizing viewability of signal flow

Simulation Waveform Analysis



Instantly open a simulation waveform file of gigabyte scale and display it at high speed.

With superior operability and abundant analysis function, measurements and characteristic values are easily calculated

  • Industry-leading high-speed and large-scale data support
    • - 5G byte scale data within 1 minute
  • User-friendly measurement with cursor mode
  • Document creation support
    • - Copy & paste of measurement values
  • Extensive measurement functions
  • Calculates characteristic value using any of the abundant built-in functions
  • Supported various formats
    • - Input file
      • Synopsys HSPICE (AC, DC, TRAN)
      • Synopsys FSDB (TRAN)
      • Cadence PSF (AC, DC, TRAN)
      • RAW (AC, DC, TRAN, OP)
      • PWL (TRAN)
      • CSV (AC, DC, TRAN)
      • . MEASURE
      • VCD, extended VCD (digital)
      • SILVACO RAWD (mixed signal)
      • HSPICE, Spectre, RAW support both BINARY and ASCII formats
    • - Output file
      • PWL, CSV, PNG, BMP, JPEG
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