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Reticle Design

Supports reticle/mask design for stepper

  • Possible to examine how to place reticle/mask cells inside the panel glass
  • Creates reticle/mask cell
  • Able to divide panels to meet the system specification of each stepper

Reticle Floorplanner



Supports reticle design

FineRFP img
  • Automatic cell partitioning and generating blind / auxiliary pattern
  • Easy to examine shot placement
    • - Cross probing between glass substrate and reticle/mask
  • Various kinds of checking functions
    • - Exposure possibility checking taking account of the stage movable amount and stroke, blind area checking, clearance checking between shots, stroke violation checking
  • Generates recipe information (shot and alignment mark information (CSV, Text))

Glass Floorplanner



Supports multi-panel assignment to the glass substrate

  • Designs glass substrate based on basic shot and reticle parameter information
    • - Supports easy-to-examine features of multiple panel assignment to the glass substrate
    • - Generates the glass substrate where the panels are assigned and reticle/mask cell
  • Estimates best suited recipe information from the glass substrate and shot information
  • Generates multi-panel assignment and recipe information from the glass substrate and reticle
  • Highlights shots location on the glass substrate corresponding to the recipe information
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