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Panel Layout Verification

Comprehensive verification features for FPD layout:
characteristic analysis in pixel cell, top level panel verification, etc.

  • High speed DRC/ERC/LVL verification with hierarchy process technology
    • Verifies entire array of the panel at high speed and high accuracy
  • 2D or 3D solver extracts parasitic resistance and capacitance in high accuracy
    • Extracts parasitic for both top panel wiring and pixel cell at high speed and high accuracy
  • Provides voltage drop analysis solutions for FPD

Interactive DRC/LVS tool



Reduces sign-off verification time

  • Provides easy to debug environment to modify layout
  • Real time DRC linked to layout editors
  • High accuracy DRC which allows any angle pattern verification
  • High speed array data verification with hierarchical processing
  • LVS enables to recognize particular kind of LC devices
  • GUI helps to create and edit design rule files
  • Imports rule files of third party verification tools
iDRC img

LVL tool for FPD



Supports comparative verification of layout patterns

Fine LVL img
  • Pattern comparison between specific layers
  • Pattern comparison between hierarchical cells
  • Compares hierarchical structure consistency
  • Easy to define rules
  • Supports hierarchical flattening process

ERC tool for FPD



Supports open & short checking of wiring

  • ・Verifies polygon patterns by equipotential line tracing approach
  • ・High-speed verification of pixel array by hierarchical processing
  • ・Powerful short path searching capability
  • ・Easy to define rules
FineERC img

Resistance calculation tool for FPD



Automatically generates color filter substrate from product specification

  • Automatically generates color filter panel and color filter substrate
    • - Automatic placement of pixel photo spacer, transparent electrode and alignment layer
    • - Automatically generates seal figures
    • - Automatic placement of photo spacer and random cell
FineAcres img

Capacitance calculation tool for FPD



Industry's first panel-scale high accuracy and high speed capacitance extractor

FineQap img
  • BEM (boundary element method) 3D capacitance extraction engine
  • Parasitic wiring extraction for panel with large scale and high-aspect ratio
    • - Generates extraction model with layout data and wiring cross section parameter
    • - Any angle and multilayer routing capability
    • - Supports non-flattening process
    • - Supports floating metal
  • Easy to check process structure and extraction results by 3D viewer

Resistance and capacitance calculation tool for FPD



Industry's first panel scale high accuracy and high speed resistance / capacitance extractor

  • High accuracy and high speed extraction with best suited algorithm for calculating resistance and capacitance
  • Parasitic extraction for large drawing and high aspect ratio panel wire
  • Extracted parasitic information helps circuit analysis
  • Applicable to characteristic analysis of various types of touch panels
FineResQ img

Voltage drop and current densities analysis tool for OLED display and OLED lighting



High speed and high accuracy IR drop verification for OLED display and OLED lighting

  • Displays the calculated result of the voltage drop and current density distribution of the wiring in the panel.
  • Calculates the current for each pixel and displays the current density by considering the voltage drop
  • Automatic recognition of wiring and devices
  • Device models
    • - Spice model (a-Si/LTPS TFT)
    • - Imports I-V characteristics (TFT / organic EL layer)
FineVolt img