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Panel Layout Design

Dedicated functions specialized for FPD design greatly reduce design TAT

  • Highly-performance layout editor enables error-free design and TAT reduction
    • - Rule driven & net driven design approach reduces design error
    • - Converts polygon design to net driven data by adding net information
    • - Push Aside function that maintains design rules between polygon figures as standard feature
  • Dedicated functions specialized for FPD design significantly reduce design TAT
    • - Reduces design cycle by constant-resistance routing function, bundle routing and trimming
    • - Reduces verification time with various verification tools dedicated to FPD design
  • Support various kinds of documents
    • - Dimension line and drawing frame
    • - 2byte character is available

Layout design system



Industry Standard Layout Design Tool for FPD

Ismo-Advanced img
  • Integrated design platform with extensive automatic design tools and verification tools
  • Supports various design styles (polygon base, rule driven and net driven)
  • Supports large-scale data, high-speed data processing
  • Powerful wiring functions as standard feature
    • - Push Aside, bus routing, automatic VIA switching, routing guide, etc.
  • User-specific device generation with parameterized cells
  • Intuitive and excellent operability and easy customization
  • Extensive supported I/O formats
    • - DXF, Gerber, GDSII, OASIS - EDIF Schematic, Spice netlist, Verilog-HDL
    • - Third party’s design rule information

Fine pattern editor



Supports FPD and fine pattern design

Supports mechanical CAD system functions necessary for mask design

Pathmo img
  • Variety of pattern entry editing functions
    • - Generates special shape patterns such as elliptic arc, cam, spiral, 7 segment pattern
    • - Auxiliary line input
    • - Bundle lines connection, trimming
    • - Constant resistance automatic router
    • - Wiring resistance adjustment
    • - Line data to area data conversion
    • - Bundle lines routing by region specification
  • Various reports: resistance and area calculation, etc.
  • Drawing frame placement, dimension line entry
  • Multiple language entry

Technical drawing creation tool



Supports creation of technical drawing data from design data

  • Easy to create drawing data from design data
    • - Enlarged drawing, drawing with comments
    • - Mask structure drawing, cross-section structure drawing
  • Unified management of design data and drawing data
    • - Automatically generates new drawings reflecting design changes
    • - Comparison between old and new versions of drawings (LVL) and display
    • - Revision control of drawings
FineSketch img

CF Automatic Generation tool



Automatically generates color filter substrate from product specification

  • Automatically generates color filter panel and color filter substrate
    • - Automatic placement of pixel photo spacer, transparent electrode and alignment layer
    • - Automatically generates seal figures
    • - Automatic placement of photo spacer and random cell
GT-Router img

FPC Routing tool



Automatic routing considering IC-FPC routing specification

Asca-Advanced img
  • Automatic creation by CSV file
    • - IC / FPC Cell
    • - Special connecting information (m vs. n)
  • Automatic decision of wiring width
  • Verifies routing results by resistance value
    • - Calculates resistance value in cooperation
  • with FineAcres: resistance calculation tool for FPD