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Fine Pattern Design Solution

  【Circuit Design】
Circuit design environment for simulation, layout design and LVS verification.
  Integrated design and verification environment for circuit entry, simulation execution control and waveform measurement
  2D array instance definition corresponding to FPD specific circuit
  Parametric definition of parasitic wire effective model and back annotation I/F
  Supports shortcut keys and stroke commands

 New-generation integrated circuit design tools
 α-SX C3 (Circuit-Cube)

Circuit design platform integrated with essential functions for circuit designα-SX C3 image
  • Seamless circuit design platform integrated with circuit entry, simulation execution control and waveform analysis
Reduces iterations of circuit analysis and verification
  • Easy simulation control with GUI for each circuit analysis purpose
  • Automatic feedback of analysis results to schematic
  • Because large-scale waveform data can be displayed at high speed, wave measurement and analysis are possible without feeling stress

 Most appropriate schematic entry for FPD design
 α-SX Asca

Schematic entry that handles large scale FPD schematicα-SX Asca image
  • Supports large scale pixel array circuit design
    • Parametric 2D array function
    • Trade-off analysis by parametric modeling of wire parasitic effect
    • Back annotates layout wire parasitic information
  • High-speed editing for large scale circuit, ultrafast speed netlist exporting
  • Supports variety of I/O formats
    • EDIF Schematic, Spice netlist and Verilog-HDL
  • User-friendly excellent operability
    • Shortcut keys
    • Stroke commands
    • Unified GUI
  • Easy customization functions
    • GUI and command customization by AXEL language
    • Customizes netlist exporting format with documentary form file
    • Automates calculation of device parameter by AXEL callback function

 Circuit & LC Co-Simulation
 α-SX CoSimLCD

Enable to consider exact LC capacitance response for circuit analysis

Analysis of transmittance properties in panel and pixel positional dependence are available
  • Spice and LC simulator run simultaneously
  • Reflects all history of pixel voltage by updating LC capacitance model during circuit simulation
  • Both 1D and 2D are selectable for LC simulation function
α-SX CoSimLCD image

 Simulation Wave Form Analysis
 α-SX SpiceChart

Displays large scale circuit data at high speed

Instinctive operation enables easy analysisα-SX SpiceChart image
  • Super-high speed display for large scale wave form of the panel simulation with long analysis time
    • 5GB order data/minute
      (As of Jun 2010)
  • Command execution by Drag&Drop and clicking operation
  • Assists creating material
    • Multilanguage (such as Japanese) is available for comments, copy & paste measurement values
  • Variety of measurement functions
    • Simultaneous display of multiple analysis by multi-tab
    • Jitter analysis, histogram display, Eye Diagram and AD/DA conversion
  • Easy-to-see display
    • Display of measurement results with XY cursor and point cursor
    • Measurement value color and background color are editable
  • Various formats are available:
    • tr0/ac0/dc0, fsdb, raw, psf, csv

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