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Ultra High Performance Layout Data Browser

Deep sub-micron/nano process technology requires a huge number of OPC patterns and dummy patterns for mask data preparation due to the improvement of printability in mask and wafer processes. As a result, data require terabyte sizes in disk space. Mature data-viewing tools are unable to handle such a huge data as it is too time consuming. Whereas HOTSCOPE is an ultra-high performance data browser that allows users to open and view terabyte-sized data within a short time and provides quick hotspot check and layout analysis capabilities.

Net Trace not only provides highlighting of equipotent patterns in GDS2 or OASIS but also supplies schematic generation. Without LVS, HOTSCOPE generates schematics by using rule only. HOTSCOPE recognizes devices, transistors, resistors, and capacitors and extracts SPICE netlist from the data pattern with layout parameters. By using these functions, users get efficient layout analysis for LSIs, including CMOS analog devices. Transistor-level Net Trace for DEF data is also possible by overlapping a GDS2/OASIS pattern on it. Additionally, remote accessing capability for design and mask data by multiple divisions and locations enables information sharing and increases communication among them.



  Data Size Open Cache Size  
GDS2 98GB 6m44sec 4.5GB  
OASIS 24GB 6m09sec 1.3GB  
MEBES 202GB 10m48sec 202MB 1 Core
  202GB 6m57sec 202MB 2 Core
VSB12 476GB 2m02sec 217MB  

Net Trace and Schematic Generation

Net Trace and Schematic Generation

3D Viewing

3D Viewing img13D Viewing img2

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