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Jedat Inc. ("Jedat") considers that protecting personal data by proper control heightens Jedat's corporate value from the standpoint of privacy protection as well as protection of the interests of Jedat and its shareholders. Jedat makes efforts to appropriately protect personal data in compliance with laws and guidelines regarding protection of personal data and in accordance with the privacy policy set forth below.

1. Definition of Personal Data

The term "personal data" means any information concerning an individual, including information which alone may not enable, but in combination with other information, enables the recipient to determine or identify the identity of the individual to whom such information relates. The personal data treated by Jedat is, as a rule, information relating to officers and employees of businesses and other organizations, which has been obtained through Jedat's business activities. Jedat does not and will not collect or hold any information on consumers or citizens other than exceptional cases such as collecting and holding information of job applicants.

The personal data treated by Jedat includes information of:

  1. Customer's officers and employees
    1. Most information is based on the data contained in the business cards received by Jedat.
  2. Job applicants
    1. Personal data contained in the personal history and/or other documents submitted to Jedat by the applicants.
  3. Jedat's officers and employees

Personal data of Jedat's directors, regular employees, dispatched, transferred and contract employees, and part-timers, which has been accumulated in the statements in their personal history submitted at the time of employment and through their performance of work, and which is deemed necessary for Jedat's administration.

2. Privacy Basic Rules

Personal data is safeguarded according to the following privacy basic rules.

  1. Limitation on use
    Personal data held by Jedat will be used only for the following purposes, and for no other purpose. If Jedat needs to use any personal data for other purpose, Jedat will disclose the purpose of the use to the individual to whom such information relates and obtain his/her prior consent.
    • Information of customer's contact personnel Personal data may be used in order to provide information necessary for routine sales and maintenance activities, introduce products and send invitation to trade shows and seasonal greetings.
    • Information of job applicants Personal data is to be used to determine employability of the applicant.
    • Information of Jedat's officers and employees Personal data is to be used for various human resources management.
  2. Prohibition on disclosure and provision of personal data to third party
    Jedat will not disclose or provide personal data to any third party unless:
    • The individual to whom the information relates agrees to the disclosure or provision,
    • Jedat considers that non-disclosure may cause injury to life, body or property of the individual to whom the information relates,
    • Jedat is required to cooperate with national agency, local government or any person delegated by such agency or government in the execution of its duty prescribed by laws or regulations, and obtaining a consent from the individual involved may affect proper execution of the duty,
    • In order to send documents and articles, Jedat contracts for delivery services of any business that provides delivery services (as part of its business objectives) under confidentiality obligations,
    • Disclosure is required by applicable laws, or
    • Jedat's business is succeeded by a third party due to merger, split-up, business transfer or other similar arrangement.
  3. Disclosure of personal data to relevant individual (principal), correction and deletion. Upon request, Jedat will disclose, correct or delete personal data after Jedat confirms whether the request has been really brought from the individual to whom the requested information relates, and whether the request is reasonable. Jedat may decline a request brought from the relevant individual if:
    • Jedat's approval of the request may cause injury to life, body, property or other rights and interests of the relevant individual or a third party, or
    • Jedat's approval will constitute infringement of other laws and regulations.

3. Personal Data Protection Approach

Jedat takes and will take the following measures in order to ensure appropriate protection of personal data.

  1. Establishment of personal data protection program, headed by Jedat's president as overall supervisor and general manager of Business Promotion Division as administrator.
  2. Implementation of training program to officers and employees regarding importance and administrative rules of personal data protection.
  3. Internal audit to check the treatment of personal data.


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