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 IPL - Interoperable PDK Libraries

IPL is an industry alliance established on April 2007 to collaborate on the creation and promotion of interoperable process design kit (PDK) standards. Since its inception, the IPL Alliance has released a proof-of-concept interoperable PCell library, demonstrated interoperability among tools from multiple vendors, and expanded its charter to address broader interoperability issues with foundry process design kits (PDKs) and design flows.

Si2 - Silicon Integration Initiative

Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) is an organization of industry-leading companies in the semiconductor, electronic systems and EDA tool industries. Si2 is focused on improving productivity and reducing cost in creating and producing integrated silicon systems. Through collaborative efforts, the industry can achieve higher levels of systems-on-silicon integration while reducing the cost and complexity of integrating future design systems.


OpenAccess is a community effort to provide true interoperability, not just data exchange, among IC design tools through an open standard data API and reference database supporting that API for IC design. The OpenAccess Coalition is a neutral organization of industry leaders that are leading this effort operating under Si2 by laws.