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2018.8.1   Notice of summer holidays
2018.7.11   Best presentation award on Designer Track
2018.4.13   Business Days during the ‘Golden Week’
2017.12.25   Notice of Year-end/ New-year Holidays
2017.9.25   Notification of company relocation
2017.8.8   Notice of summer holidays
2017.4.14   Business Days during the ‘Golden Week’
2016.7.6   Notice of JEDATLINK service suspend
2016.7.6   Notice of summer holidays
2016.4.15   Business Days during the ‘Golden Week’
2016.3.14   Jedat posted an article about "IP Development Japan" to SemiWiki
2015.12.18   Notice for JEDATLINK Services in Year-end/ New-year Holidays
2015.12.18   Notice of Year-end/ New-year Holidays
2015.4.15   Business Days during the ‘Golden Week’
2014.5.21   Jedat releases reuse-based analog synthesis tools at DAC 2014
2014.1.6   Jedat Announces MatChart Download site for Wave form analysis of MATLAB/Simulink system.
2013.12.20   Jedat releases MatChart for Wave form analysis of MATLAB/Simulink system First Approach to Model Base Design Area
2013.12.19   Notice of Year-end/ New-year Holidays
2013.5.22   Jedat releases innovative OA-based circuit and layout tools for analog mixed-signal designs at DAC 2013
2013.1.9   Jedat Launches High Accuracy and High Speed Circuit Simulator for the Verification of Analog LSI designs
2011.11.15   Notification of company relocation
2011.3.11   Jedat Software "Amper" Certified on STARC's Mixed-Signal Design Flow "STARCAD-AMS
2011.3.1   SoftJin announces the connection with HOTSCOPE in the new release of NxDAT Defect Analysis Software
2011.1.20   Jedat Supports iPDK
2009.11.16   Jedat announces “HOTSCOPE V7.5” the world’s fastest display and analysis browser for large scale LSI
2009.10.20   Jedat brings out integrated circuit design tool “C3” (Circuit-Cube)
2009.10.9   Jedat launches the world's first 3D capacitance extraction tool for flat-panel display
2009.8.11   Notification of nonbusiness day and interruption of telephone / fax service due to Jedat headquarters relocation.
2009.7.30   Notification of company relocation
2009.7.23   Jedat, DaouXilicon and Legend Design Jointly Provide the True LCD Panel Simulation
2009.2.4   NEDO and Jedat Achieve 600x Performance in Analysis of Statistical Variation of SRAM Characteristic
2008.10.30   Jedat Joins Mentor Graphics “OpenDoor Program”
2008.8.12   Notice of Alpha-SX Ver. 3.3.0 release
2008.2.19   Jedat Announces Executive Changes