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2018.5.22   Welcome to Jedat at DAC2018
2018.5.11   Jedat exhibits at Display Week 2018
2018.5.10   Jedat exhibits PowerVolt at ISPSD
2017.5.8   Jedat Exhibits at the DAC 2017
2016.4.28   Jedat Exhibits at the DAC 2016
2015.5.8   Jedat Exhibits at the DAC 2015
2014.4.25   Jedat Exhibits at the DAC 2014
2013.5.20   Jedat at DAC2013 Demonstration Registration
2013.5.7   Jedat Exhibits at the 50th DAC
2012.5.8   Jedat Exhibits at the 49th DAC
2012.4.9   Jedat Exhibits HOTSOCPE at "Photomask Japan 2012"
2010.11.24   Jedat Exhibits at The 17th International Display Workshops
2010.11.18   Release of a customer presentation data
2010.11.11   Jedat exhibits HOTSCOPE at "36th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis™"
2010.3.31   Jedat exhibits HOTSCOPE at "Photomask Japan 2010"
2010.1.7   Jedat Exhibits at The Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2010
2009.12.3   Jedat Exhibits at The 16th International Display Workshops
2009.4.21   JEDAT was exhibited at "Photomask Japan 2009"
2009.4.6   Jedat will exhibit HOTSCOPE at "Photomask Japan 2009".