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Message from the President

Matsuo imgJedat inherited the EDA division of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) in 2004 and started operations on February 2 of that year. Three years later, in March 2007, Jedat was listed on the JASDAQ stock market. Jedat continues R & D investment at a high rate under the condition of a strong financial basis, displayed in its capital adequacy ratio of more than 80%.

In today's EDA industry, a small number of U.S. companies have become larger through merger and acquisition (M&A), attempting to organize a product lineup so as to be an integrated supplier of EDA. Compared with these companies, Jedat is still a small company, focusing resources on the challenges of EDA in the field of custom electronic devices. The design of custom electronic devices is at the foundation of competitiveness for custom electronics and electrical products. Jedat is a world-wide leader in this technology area.

Jedat's self-developed their flagship product series called SX-Meister. SX-Meister has an install base of over 5,000 licenses worldwide. In Japan, Jedat is also a sales representative of quality 3rd-party EDA products which are synergistic with the Alpha-SX tool set series. Jedat believes that EDA tools are a significant capital investment by the electronics product manufacturer, and they play a vital role in the creation of the intended design. Design approach is different for each customer, but once a customer is introduced to the products, Jedat is committed to supporting the design style of each customer so as to achieve the desired design flow. This is accomplished by utilizing the full capabilities of the products paired with dedicated support by Jedat's experienced application engineering team, customizing functions to meet the customer's needs.